Brampton Moving Tips: Avoid Breakage During Moves

One of the most challenging things in relocating to a new home or office is how to pack and transport fragile items. This may be a daunting task but with proper planning and with the right help from the experts such as PrimeCity Brampton Movers you’ll finish the task in no time.

It is advised to pack weeks before the move and pack items that are not needed during the last few days of stay. PrimeCity Brampton Movers offers high quality packaging materials specifically tailored for breakable items to valued clients but if you decide in packaging your own items – then there’s no worry. PrimeCity Brampton Movers customizes its service to suite each individual client’s needs. For those who would like to pack their items it is best to locate a packing station. Make sure the packing area has ample space and that it’s easily accessible and near entry and exit points.

Brampton Moving Tips - Avoid Breakage During Moves

When purchasing moving boxes for fragile items make sure that they are made and designed for moving. It is advisable to use corrugated boxes that can withstand the weight of the items. Select a box that is large enough to accommodate the size of the item and that cushion materials can still be filled in. Remember that you will need to wrap fragile items with paper wrapping for additional protection so make sure the box can still accommodate the wrapped item.

To serve as a cushioning you can use air encapsulated plastic or bubble wrap, expanded polystyrene, corrugated dividers, polystyrene dish sleeves and crumpled shipping paper or newspaper. Be sure to add enough cushioning to prevent items from moving inside the box during transportation. Aside from cushioning, place a few inches of paper on the bottom of the box before placing the item. This adds as an additional protection to the item every time it is placed on a surface. Although PrimeCity Brampton Movers is well known for their expert handling of fragile items, it is best to add safety measures when it comes to breakable items.

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